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Please input your details in the form fields to the right and follow the instructions to complete the process of placing your order for the new 2017 TVR.

The current deposit required is £5000.

If you have any difficulties or questions concerning the process, please contact us on +44 (0)330 120 0032 and we will be happy to assist. Alternatively, please email us on

A note regarding the new car and some FAQs regarding the placing of deposits is here

Awesome sounding engine/exhaust on the Black Hound, so so so excited about our new TVR. Rest assured you are doing an excellent job in communication with depositors. We all realised the delivery target was a moving entity based on factory location & outfit along with all the design issues etc. Keep up the good work and thanks for the update. Hope to see you in early 2017.


Black Hound sounds awesome!


Whilst it is disappointing not to see the car summer/autumn as previously advised, seeing and knowing more of the detail will be worth the wait.


How would you like to pay?