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Please note that the deposit book for the Launch Edition TVR is currently suspended until 9am September 8th, when it will re-open to coincide with the public unveiling at the Goodwood Revival and when the few remaining Launch Edition models will be made available to purchase either at the event or online.

In the meantime, you are welcome to place a deposit for the fully configurable version of the coupe that will follow the initial Launch Edition production run.

Please input your details in the form fields to the right and follow the instructions to complete the process of placing your order for the new 2017 TVR.

The current deposit required is £5000.

If you have any difficulties or questions concerning the process, please contact us on +44 (0)330 120 0032 and we will be happy to assist. Alternatively, please email us on

A note regarding the new car and some FAQs regarding the placing of deposits is here

Many thanks for the update. Everything sounds very good. Has definitely whet the appetite, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the new breed of TVR. Roll on new year baby! Keep up the good work!


The car sounds better then the Vulcan. And that takes some beating.


Yes please! Thanks for the update. All looks very exciting. Very pleased you used the Cerbera as a mule.


How would you like to pay?