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13.11.2014. Announcing TVR Genuine Parts

Whether you’re carrying out a full restoration or merely looking to replace a single, particular part for your cherished TVR, you’ll want the comfort of fitting genuine parts. But how can you be sure that’s what you’re getting?

This was the recurring question put to us by concerned owners and workshops alike and, as the years went by after the Blackpool factory closed, the situation was becoming more confused and the future less certain. Now, with this new initiative, we hope to bring some confidence back to the market.

Firstly, we have examined the old stock of original parts. This comprises a mix of what was left in the stores after the Blackpool factory closed, together with stock from OEMs that historically supplied products for the old cars.

Then, discovering some parts no longer existed, we decided to open the TVR design archives and authorise the use of our extensive library of technical drawings (including nearly 100,000 CAD drawings). By doing so we hope to facilitate the remanufacture of replacement parts guaranteed to match, or exceed, the performance defined by the original specifications.

Together, this new and old stock is in the process of being packaged and labelled as ‘TVR GENUINE PARTS’.

And, to keep things as simple as possible, we have decided to licence a single source to supply and distribute all of them to anyone who needs them, anywhere in the world. This newly created single source is called ‘TVR Parts’, and you can read more about this initiative here.