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03.02.2014. TVR remains firm gaming favourite

Over recent months we've been delighted to have been contacted by so many leading video game companies. A stunning new generation of driving games is upon us and yet it seems the old rules still apply; thrill-seeking players must be able to race all the most desirable cars.

So, just what goes up against the world’s exotic supercars? Which insolent rebel from the past still dares keep company with the likes of the all-new MacLaren P1 or the La Ferrari? Well, it’s thrilling (though perhaps not entirely surprising) to announce that Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft among others have all chosen TVR for their highly anticipated next-generation console games – The Crew, Gran Turismo 6 and Forza 5. Notably, other game developers in the App space have also chosen TVR to bring added excitement to their mobile offerings. In fact, we’ve signed multiple licences so whatever your preferred platform, whatever your game of choice, chances are you can race a Tuscan, a Sag, even a Typhon against a Lambo or perhaps one of Stuttgart’s finest, with hitherto unseen levels of realism.

Like so many others out there, we love seeing classic TVRs take on the mid-engined, the active-aero’d, the turbo’d and the supercharged. But make no mistake – what we’re really going to love seeing is our new cars adding some impertinent zest to the grid in the next generation of games. For the avoidance of doubt, that means real cars as well as virtual ones are on their way…