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07.04.2014. To use an old saying…

…‘No News Is Good News’. Everyone at TVR remains acutely aware of the expectation among enthusiasts as well as the appetite for updates on the new cars.

Such high levels of interest are tremendously flattering and, as we continue to make exciting progress with our development plans, it’s certainly tempting to reveal snippets.

However, we continue to believe it’s best not to share details of our plans publicly just yet. We understand this is the source of a little frustration for some, though a majority of the community have been generous in applauding our tight-lipped stance. In previous years there have been disappointments, when early announcements came to nothing, and we’re determined not to make similar mistakes. However, we’re pleased to report enormous progress towards TVR’s return and our relative silence shouldn’t be interpreted as anything more than our absolute focus on making this comeback permanent.