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Bertil Evers Car Company

Zaalboslaan 32

6881rj Velp

The Netherlands

Bertil Evers Car Company is a small but well established and successful business that is well known for as a TVR specialist within the Dutch TVR community. Concentrating on pre 2003, non Spd 6 / AJP models, our goal is to provide the best possible and personal service to our loyal customers.

We are able to arrange the collection and return of client cars by trailer from home or work locations during daytime, evenings or weekends and offer a wide range of services including but not limited to servicing, electrical, brakes, drivetrain, body and trim repairs or refurbishment. In addition we are able to give full suspension setup support, for both road and track setups, providing both advice and weekly updates complete with accompanying photos to document the work.

We also arrange group trackdays and can be called upon for 'breakdown recovery' should you ever require it. Take a look at our guestbook (gastenboek) which includes testimonials in English also, our record counts and speaks for itself.

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17 July 2017

Last year I bought my first TVR, a Chimaera 400. The car had been overhauled and was built up with nice components but as a whole it did not function properly. After a few sessions, good advice from Bertil and painful decisions, we had the TVR running like new.

I admire Bertil's dedication and his knowledge of TVR cars.


14 July 2017

I bought a TVR Chimeara chassis and loose body with the idea of converting them from RHD to LHD. I did not manage to finish my project and I called for the help of Bertil Evers Car Company.

After a nice meeting at my home, the car was picked up so that the stranded project could be completed by Bertil Evers Car Company. Since not everybody has the knowledge and skills to do this kind of project, it has become a great success thanks to Bertil's efforts.

In particular, the refurbishment, dashboard upholstery and the chairs are of unprecedented quality.

In accordance with the agreements made, we were regularly informed about the progress and the car has now MOT and I can drive it. In the winter, the car will return to Bertil Evers Car Company and he will work on the car cosmetically.


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