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Torqueflyte Engineering

1 Bog Road



Co. Down

BT23 6DJ

t: 02897528991


A long time ago Mr Wheeler became aware of unrest in Ireland. His self appointed main dealer had become unable or unwilling to quell the growing unrest amongst the loyal followers of his marque. He was also informed that an ever increasing number of said loyal followers had become bewitched by a father and son who possessed the ability to soothe their sometime troublesome beasts. I must travel to Ireland and meet with these people he decided. When he arrived he was much impressed with what he found. Although their abode was humble, their knowledge and spport for their growing band of followers was unquestionable. He asked of them to represent his marque in their homeland and to bear all the associated expectations of his leadership be they good or bad. They agreed because unbeknown to him they were impressed with his manner and his beastly creations.

Mr Wheeler returned home happy and content that his loyal followers were in safe hands. This arrangement continued successfully until the end of his reign and indeed has endured through the stormy years beyond until this very day.

We serve both Northern Ireland and Eire.

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9 February 2016

Greg has looked after my Sagaris and T350 for the last 7 years; can't recommend him enough for his knowledge, efficiency and meticulous detail in servicing and support.

Always there to walk you round, explain the technical stuff and discuss exactly what needs done.

As other's have said 5 star's is not enough for the quality of work they deliver!


29 December 2015

Greg and his father David have flawlessly, efficiently and meticulously looked after all of my TVR service and maintenance needs for the past twelve years.

My current TVR is a Sagaris which I purchased new from our local dealer. However, once it had left the forecourt, the only hands that I would ever trust to keep it in tip-top condition are those of Greg and David at Torqueflyte.

Thank you for the superb and friendly service.


30 April 2015

Since 1998 Torqueflyte Engineering have serviced and repaired my Chimera 450 and now since 2002 my Tuscan Speed 6. Not once was I disappointed or have any complaints. Cars always ready on time, always presented with work done to a very high standard. I've never broken down and that in a TVR says everything about Greg Connolly's expertise!


24 April 2015

Greg has serviced all three of my TVRs, the Griffith 500, Cerbera 4.2 and more recently the 4.5. The standards, advice and general enthusiasm that Greg offered whilst servicing my cars was absolutely fantastic. First class service on every occasion and great value. Good honest worker.


24 April 2015

I have a been a customer for over 18 years. I am very happy with all the work and advise that Greg and David have given to me over the years. They are 1ST Class, 5 Stars is not enough.

If you have a TVR or any performance car, then only go to Torqueflyte Engineering.


Performance.  Value.  Reliability.  Trust.

Proudly delivered by all members of the TVR Network.